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11 a.m. to 19 p.m.

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Day off is on Fridays

Cleanup day is the last Monday of every month

        In 1896 A. P. Chekhov was writing about the need of organizing a reference department and informing Mr. P. F. Iordanov, a member of the Town Counsel: “…do you mind if we have arranged a reference department under the library? This department might attract serious business public to the library… and all who are is in need of references and practical handbooks and instructions.” Our greatfellow-townsman was diligently taking care of arranging the reference department on his own initiative. Together with his own brother Alexander Pavlovichhe had been buying the valuable reference editions and sending them to the library of Taganrog during 15 years.

So an informational stock had been arranged little by little, a printed catalogue had been also provided. But for a long time the functions of a bibliographer were carried out by the librarians of the reading hall. The firstorganic assignment of staff librarian-bibliographer was confirmed in 1952.

Today there are three bibliographers in the Department staff.

The principal activity of the Department is to meet the requirements of the readers and workers of the library in information-bibliographic provisionson the basis of the reference-bibliographic tools, corporate and outside databaseas well as methodicalmanagement of bibliographic operations of the centralized library system (CLS) of the city.

Our purpose is to providefavourable conditions to satisfy readers’ information needs in the on-line mode completely, quickly,fully, andexactly so far asis practicable should bestrictlyadhered to.

The qualified personnel of the Department carry out information services of users and state and research institutions by means of executingmany-sided readers’ requests, selection of books.

The qualified personnel of the Department also perform conventionalbibliographic references including services by telephone (such as ‘figures and facts’, ‘dates’, ‘quotations’, ‘definitions’) and virtual ones in the mode “Request-Response” using thereference toolsof the MSFIC of the CLS, electronic databases and resources of the Internet. They also draw bibliographic indexes and listsof recommended books.

TheDepartmentpersonneltakepartintheIAFAinterregionalcorporateproject (Theinterregionalanalyticalfilesofarticles).

The Department personnel carry out reference-consultation services of users organizing individual and group consultations on using reference and bibliographical tools(RBT), training users search algorithm in the library data bases.

The Department personnel offer the following services:

  • Performing complex bibliographic references,
  • Helping in selecting books on specified subjects,
  • Arranging individual and group keeping informed,
  • Consulting onarranging bibliographiclists enclosed with course paper, degree thesis, anddissertations,
  • Searching the datain the electronic catalogue and in electronica data bases of the MSFIC of the CLS, the Don State Public Library,
  • Searching the information using the resources of the Internet,
  • Copying text documents,
  • Printing texts,
  • Scanning materials,
  • Performing electronic delivery of documentson users’ demand.