Reader Library is a natural person from the moment of receipt of an electronic library card, after having passed the recording procedure in the sector "registration and accounting," which includes a handwritten completing the questionnaire, the presentation of an identity document and review the rules of library use.
To receive a library required identification documents:
  • Russian citizens provide new passport with registration at the place of residence in the Russian Federation or passport and proof of residence registration, issued by the Interior;
  • military personnel - military identification card and certificate of registration of residence or place of residence issued by the bodies of internal affairs foreign citizens - passport and residence registration, issued by the police. Author electronic library card is issued free of charge, indefinitely, subsequent annual re-registration of the first visit to the library in the new year.
  • The reader who does not pass the re-registration in the sector "registration and accounting," to use the Library services are not allowed.
  • Registration of residency in the city of Taganrog entitles to take books home to the Department of Libraries, where the service is provided.

Preliminary design of a library card
To save time, you can remotely fill in a design library card. To do this, fill it out and send it by e-mail or print and bring.
At the first visit to the library you go to the sector, "Registration and accounting." For verification of data users to submit documents proving your identity, take pictures and get a free library card.