The  Central City Public Library named for Chekhov , with 2010 digitizes own local history, rare and valuable funds that can be accessed on the website of the library , in the section "Taganrog book collection".

In the year of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the city from Nazi invaders were digitized available in the funds of library edition of this period.

 This book, published during the war, for example: I. Yudovich Tragedy of Taganrog / I. Yudovich .- Rostov-on-don: Rostisdat, 1944.- 19, [2] s.; Hero Of The Soviet Union I. Mamedov.- Voenizdat, 1942.- 14 s.- (B-ka red army); Periodicals: Newspapers «Taganrog Pravda» on September 2 (newspaper was published in 2 days after release) 1943  to 1944,

Newspapers are of interest to the inhabitants of Taganrog, because their pages except the «Summaries Informbureau» and the events occurring on the fronts of world war II, published materials from the life of Taganrog in these war years, the restoration of buildings and destroyed factories, about heroic enthusiasm Taganrog inhabitants.

The newspaper tells about the years of occupation, about the atrocities of the Nazis, about the participants of the Taganrog underground.

Maybe someone will see on the pages of Newspapers surname of their relatives, read about their involvement in the life of the city in this period.