105, Grecheskaya Street,  Floor 1, Room 208 

Phone: (+ 7-863-4)-34-03-18


Monday to Friday 

Open from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. 

On Sundays: 11 a.m. to 18 p.m. 

Days off are on Saturdays  

Cleanup day is the last Monday

 of every month



The Natural Science and Medicine Centre (or Department) was open in May of 2006. The activities of the Department are essentially directed to servicing practical public health, mass users and students. 

         The Department workers offer the specialists of the medical institutions, students and schoolchildren specialized professional literature magazines, CDs, information from the Internet sites: on medicine as well as on economics, accounting, science of lawconcerning medicine; psychology, corrective education,natural science, ecology and biology, sports medicine, principles of personal and social safety, veterinary science, some problems ofrural economy.

You can be given the necessary information onhealthy life-style if you turn to the Department to look through books, popular encyclopedias and handbooks onhealth food,traditional, alternative, and folk medicine.   

The priority directions of the Department functions are ecologic and antinarcotic education and propaganda (organized dissemination of information) on healthy life-style. With this object in view the lessons in ecology, topical meetings, review lectures, and discussions are conducted by the Department workers.   

 Since 2012 the two clubs has been organized under the Department:


·         The Phoenix Club of adults a principal task of which is to organize personal contacts and adults’ spare time rich in content. All the people of retirement age living in the city of Taganrog and who so desire may be the members of the Club. The Club meetings are held monthly (every second and fourth Tuestday at 11 a.m. except the summer months).

·         The Diabetes Club, a principal task is to be in charge of enlightening work among the population of the city on measres of prophylaxis and prevention of aftereffect of diabetes mellitus patients. The members of the Club may be the members of the City Diabetic Society and everybody (healthy persons and diabetes mellitus patients and) living in the city of Taganrog and willing to join. The Club meetings are held once a month (every third Friday at 15 p. m.). 

Everyone may use the Internet serviceson one's own or with the Department workers’ assistance and also be busy with as follows: 

·         Assistance in sellecting literature on specified subjects.

·         Making complex topic inquiries.

·         Information on recent acquisations of literature.

·         Making personal information reports quarterly.

·         Searching the necessary information by means of The Joint electronic catalogue of the Centralized Library System of Taganrog.

·         Searching the necessary legal information on medicine and pharmaceutics by means of the ConsultantPlus Reference-Legal system.

·         Making information users’ inquiries on medicine, nature science, ecology and others fields by means of the Internet, library specialists’ advises for those who are dummies in computer science.

·         Searching and getting the necessary information and documents from the other libraries by means of the EDD technology.