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The Department of pre-revolutionary and valuable editions was founded in September, 1998. Up to that time it was as a sector of rare books under the Department of arranging the integrated stock. The book stocknumbers 17295 editions and nearly 272 names of magazines of the pre-revolutionary space of time. The users of the Department are persons who are busy with a researchactivity in the field of history of culture, bookprinting, language, literature, visual arts, science and engineering,scientific-production operations in the field ofpublishing andprinting industries. 

The basic part of the stock is books and magazines kept from the past times of the opening of the city public libraryin 1876. There were books on different fields of knowledge in the stock, and sections of history, law, literature, philosophy, religion, medicine and others. There are various encyclopedic and reference editions and also books. 

The pre-revolutionary magazines are represented with such the names as “The European Herald”, “The Historical Herald”, “The Library for Reading”, “The Contemporary”,and “TheFatherland’s Writings”.