96, Petrovskaya Street 

Phone: (+ 7-863-4)-38-32-30 

e-mail: edfond@taglib.ru 

Open Monday to Thursday 

10 a.m. to 19 p.m. 

Saturday to Sunday

11 a.m. to 18 p.m.  

Day off is on Fridays

Cleanup day is the last Monday of every month

The date of arranging thisDepartment is considered the day offoundation of the first library of Taganrog in 1876. In 1914 the doors of a new building of the library (in 96, Petrovskaya Street) were open for readers, here were kept all bookstock of thelibrary.

A primary purposeof the Department work of the integrated book stock of the A. P. Chekhov CCPL is effectively to useintegrated (distributed) book stock of the MSFIC of the CLS, to provide on-line satisfaction of the users’ demands, to inform on editions available, to popularize them. Today there are 23383 copies of documents, of them, 19884 are books, and 514 are booklets, pamphlets, and brochures.

The retrospective review of the local history periodical editions is represented with the nine names of magazines and fifty-eight names of newspapers.

You may receive some books at any library structure sectors by means of an intersystembook exchange from the distributed book stock of the Centralized Library System.

The sector of the interlibrary loan and electronic delivery of documents is marked out within the Department structure. Both the documents of our library and some other information centres of the country areat our readers’disposal. The interlibrary loan (ILL) and electronic delivery of documents(EDD) are the availabilitiesof access to the information resources of Russia. Today our partners in the ILL and EDD are all libraries of the city,the Don State Public Library of Rostov-on-Don, the Russian State Library of Moscow.

The Reference-Search Tools of the IBSD

  • Systematic catalogue
  • Alphabeticalcatalogue
  • Retrospective periodicals file

The IBSD’s services

  • The free-of-charge services.
  • Performing users’requests for the information on the contents of the integrated (distributed) library holdings of the MSFIC of the CLS of Taganrog,
  • Consulting and helping of a specialist on handling the catalogues and files of the Department, 
  • Serving out documents from the Department stock for temporary use to work at the reading hall of the A. P.Chekhov CCPL,
  • Performing requests for getting documents by the interlibrary loan (ILL),
  • Serving out documents received from by the ILL to work at the reading hall of the A. P. Chekhov CCPL, 
  • Performing requests for getting documents by the electronic delivery of documents (EDD) at the sector interlibrary loan and electronic delivery of documents),
  • Performing bibliographic references of broad subject matters and various complexity of searching. 
  • Paid services
  • Xerox copying
  • Printing texts.