105, Grecheskaya Street,

Phone: (+ 7-863-4)-34-03-17; 34-03-13

Open from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. 

Days off are on Saturdays/Sundays 

Cleanup day is the last Monday

of every month 

The Department was open on the 1st of October, 1996. 

The principal activities of the Department are as follows: 

  • istallation, adjustment of computer networks and software of the MSFIC of the CLS; 
  •  implementation and maintenance of applied, server applications and software;
  •  maintenance of computers;
  •  administering of the structuredcable system of the A. P. Chekhov CCPL;
  •  rendering methodical assistance to the library workers on the problems of using software and up-to-state technologies;
  •  accessing to the Internet communicative services;
  • technical support of sites functiong;
  •  implementation, maintenance and updating computerized library-information system of the OPAC Global (midi) type; 
  •  designing own information resources of the library, developing and intergating them; 
  •  provision of information security and antivirus safety; 
  •  administering of databases;
  • rendering assistance in functioning of the Library-Information Centre of the MSFIC of the CLS.

There are two sectors in the Department structure:computer technologies and library sites.




  •      The up-to-state high-performance computers and servers to provideuninterrupted operation of the computer-aided soft/hardware.
  •      A device for a high-quality scanning wide-screen images and small subjects with freely regulated focus and depth resolution of scanning with automatically programmed drive mechanism to move scanning head (of the camera) to enable computer-based “stoating" images.
  • The copying-duplicating and other special-purpose machines and equipment.