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Days off are on Saturdays

Cleanup day is the last Monday

of every month

Today the local history is not an obvious attempt to follow the fashion but it is a wish to keep for posterity only that what may be still kept in a good state. It is a field of knowledge thatdraws people of different generations together. 

One of the mostprincipal tasks of the Department istherefore a safeguarding ofcultural heritage of the city of Taganrog.

The Department workers are busy with searching of new documents, take part inpublishing activities, satisfy a need of population in information; collaborate with local history-fanciers,socialorganizations,institutions of culture, mass media, the city administration.One of the priority directions of the Department activities is a work in the Joint electronic local history catalogue of the Rostov region that allows providing with an on-line access to the local history resources. Since 2009 the Department workers have been generating analytical machine-readable bibliographicalrecords from the central, regional, and local periodical publications about the city of Tagabrog, and since 2010 it has been connecting the full texts of articles to the bibliographical records. 

The Department workers write unique information and bibliographicalmanuals and aids that offerasked-for and competitive production at the market of information having a great historical and cultural importance. These manuals and aids are able to draw readers' attention to the literature on local history.The electronic collections of the full-text and illustrated documents, calendars of the commemorative and memorable dates concerning the city of Taganrog. 

Since 2013 the Department workers started to implement the project “A way ahead via re-turning to the sources”. An introduction of components of themuseum work is used as the basis for the project that allows improving the information-education and cultural-enlightening functions and strongly to influence upon users. 

Not only do the Department workers share the information with colleagues, but they colloborate with everyone who is interested in the history of the home city.

 The principal work scope of

the Local History Information Centre is as follows:


·         Stockpiling the Department with the current and retrospective local history documents (books, magazines, illustrations, handwritings, booklets and so on.); 

·         Generaring the local history reference-bibliographical tools;
Operationg the Joint local history catalogue of the Rostov region;

             Publishing the bibliographical and information manuas and aids;

             Figuring text documents and illustrations and making up electronic collections;

             Preparing “A Calendar of the commemorative and important dates of the city of Taganrog”;

             Making up the structure of the local history block at the library site; 

             Organizing the presentationmon the basis of the library stock;

          Collecting, keeping, studing and exhibing memorial objects, book electronic and collections to give immortal memory about significant historical events,  outstanding statesmen and public figures, representatives of science, culture and arts; 

·         Carrying out methodical management of the local history reference-bibliographical and information activities of the Centralized Library System of the city of Taganrog. 

The Department workers provide users with the following services:

·         Issuingbibliographical reference lists of local history nature;

·         Rendering assistance in sellecting the literature on the specified subjects;

·         Registering to be served at the lending library everyday;

·         Searching the information about A. P. Chekhov’s life and works;

·         Searching the information about the history of Taganrog and its current situation;

·         Searching the local history information by means of network resources;

·         Answering the users’ inquiries in the “Questions to the librarian”virtual enquiry service (http://www.taglib.ru/faq.html);

·         Searching the information about the Rostov region and the city of Taganrog in the Joint electronic local history catalogue of the Rostov region;

·         Giving users the documents from the four collections of the full-texts and illustrated documents;

·         Designing local history information and bibliographical manuals and aids in electronic and printed versions;

·         Figuring local history documents;

·         Copying text documents;

·         Organizing excurssions through the centre of the city and the A. P. Chekhov CCPL.